Stopped In At: A1 Records in NYC

To my friends seeking vinyl in urban locales – you have to check out A1 Records in NYC. Listed on several search and review sites as one of the best places for vinyl in NYC, I visited the store last week (the same day I got to sit in on Paul Shaffer’s radio show) and could have spent an entire day perusing through their collection.

A One Records

A One Records 2

The people working here are very cool. I talked to 2-3 people about their selections, the history of the shop and the renewed interest in vinyl. Jeremy, one of the people working at A1 Records, was very helpful and a knowledgeable resource.


What did I buy at A1 Records? I was able to complete my collection of Bruce Springsteen’s studio albums with “The Wild, the Innocent & E Street Shuffle.” I also found Spooky Tooth on vinyl (a lot harder to find than Bruce), and some hard-to-find King Crimson albums. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’m not going to get into all the things I bought (it’s a lot)…just know that the selection is first-rate. A pleasant surprise at A1 Records was the DJ. He played a combination of funk and classic electronic – the Detroit house stuff.

Go to this store if you’re looking for hip-hop too. They had vinyl from Montell Jordan, Das EFX, and Masta Ace to name just a few. I admire this shop for the grit. A1 Records sticks to its roots and doesn’t follow trends. I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to preview my vinyl before buying. A basic feature with CDs but often overlooked when it comes to vinyl. Details are important. My visit to A1 Records was a complete record buying experience.

I also bought a t-shirt 🙂

Check them out on Instagram @A1recordshop

– Rob Moran Ω



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