Record Store Day (4/18) Releases

Record Store Day


April 18th is International Record Store Day. For vinyl enthusiasts, this day is like all the great holidays rolled into one. There are tens of thousands of first day releases, limited run releases, and Record Store Day exclusive releases.

The Record Store Day website does a great job listing all the amazing artists participating in the international celebration of vinyl music. It’s wild to see vinyl from the Everly Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Foo Fighters, The Grateful Dead and Grandmaster Flash on the same page. Just looking at the list can cause paralysis in any fan.

If you want to avoid being overwhelmed when walking into your first store on April 18th, I suggest printing “the list” ahead of time and circling what you want (maybe even prioritizing the list). Record Store Day is a full on attack. You will find it necessary to hit more than one store to get everything because Record Store Day releases fly off the shelves.

I have 3-4 stores that I plan to visit on 4/18. I’m calling ahead just to make sure the stores will have the vinyl I covet in stock on that day. There is nothing worse than driving to a store on Record Store Day only to find out they have nothing on your list.

If you’re lucky, you can cross off your entire list in one store. Determination is essential! Have fun, and may you not see someone holding the last copy of your favorite vinyl in their hands on Record Store Day.


For our friends in the UK click the following for your Record Store Day releases:


Et enfin pour nos amis en France:

Disquaire Day




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