Artist Interview: Notelle

Artist Interview: Notelle



Notelle is an up and coming EDM artist, we recently met at a conference for music business and I asked her if she would do this interview, she gladly agreed. She was the keynote speaker at the conference, it was really interesting to hear her points on EDM. When she played a sound byte of her music for the audience I knew it was something special, so I decided to follow up.



Omega Music: When did you realize that you were a songwriter?

Notelle: I think a more appropriate question is when did I realize other people thought I was a songwriter. It wasn’t really until fans outside of my family and friends recognized me as one, that I considered that my title. I’ve been writing songs for the majority of my life, but it wasn’t until much later that I discovered it was a title I could professionally adopt. I still think it’s too cool a label for me.

Omega Music: Was EDM your first choice for writing lyrics?

Notelle: I love the genre, the culture, the festivals, the energy in it, so when opportunities came my way…I was thrilled. But ironically the majority of my work is not in EDM and instead written for other artists or in other genres.

Omega Music: What genres or people influence your writing?

Notelle: I’ve always been a fan of rhythmically driven music, which is why I’m a fan of EDM. But outside that world, I’m really focused on lyrical content. I find myself dissecting lyrics constantly. If you’re an artist or a writer that can say the same thing everyone else is saying, but say it differently, then I’m a fan. You’ve got me hooked.

Omega Music: What got you hooked on EDM music?

Notelle: What sold me was what I describe as the “pocket”. Producers and DJs manage to find or create that one sweet spot moment in every track, and sit in it, letting it resonate with the audience and the listeners. It’s about taking that one lyrical hook, that one synth line, that one melody, and exploiting it in a positive way. Finding the “pocket” and letting your fans enjoy it for a while.

Omega Music: Are your songs available on Spotify or Soundcloud?

Notelle: Yes. Every track that has been released, I repost from the Producers’ pages onto my own Soundcloud ( Tracks that are released with support from a Producer’s label are on Spotify as well. Since my role is to be an instrument in a sense, I don’t necessarily control which tracks hit which music platforms. I do my best to keep my page updated!


Omega Music: What’s your favorite song in which you supplied the lyrics?

Notelle: That’s a tough question simply because each track is so different! There are a lot of tracks I’m excited about that are pending release…so when those come out of the pipeline, I’ll point out my favorites!

Omega Music: What’s next for Notelle? Where do you want to go with your career?

Notelle: I think for me the trick is to keep going. I’m in the beginning of my career, so I hope to continue my work with up and coming acts, as well as reach out and connect with more established artists. I have been toying with the idea of simultaneously working on original work to release through the Notelle brand. No sense in limiting myself! It should be an interesting project to navigate, but that’s exciting.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to Omega Music.

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  • I know Notelle’s music and she is incredibly talented… can’t get enough of her songwriting and her voice. I think only scratching the surface of what she is capable of. So cool that you interviewed her… I hope more from her soon, thank you.