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SoundCloud Track of the Week: “Waiting” – Mo Vibez


SoundCloud Track of the Week: “Waiting” – Mo Vibez

American EDM superstar Diplo is notorious for releasing eclectic singles and EPs with unique sounds from up-and-coming artists through his powerhouse Mad Decent label.

This week, Mad Decent is promoting Mo Vibez and his new single “Waiting” through SoundCloud, released June 1. A good basement-party banger, Mo Vibez clearly expresses his preference for fades, snares, and bass. This single is definitely a microcosm of the types of tracks that Mad Decent likes to have on its label. Filled with trap-style beats within the chorus, this song will surely make anyone nod their head to this chill beat.

As I keep listening to this track over and over, I cannot help but hear a little bit of Mr. Carmack influence in here, as he is know for his deep bass and slow, glitchy beats within the trap genre. Mo Vibez starts out this track with soft fades, transitioning into a very catchy trap beat that made me want to tap my feet and throw on my good headphones to fully appreciate the amount of bass he used. I also like each of his two drops. The sounds are mixed up a little bit to show his creative side and somewhat avoided the monotony of other artists who choose to keep multiple drops unchanged within a track.

If Mo Vibez keeps making singles like this, he could surely become a well-trained soldier for Diplo’s Mad Decent army if they think he is worthy enough. Hopefully he can one day be featured on Mad Decent’s premier travelling music festival, Mad Decent Block Party. For now, keep expressing yourself, Mo.

Solid EDM track from a potential rising artist.

You can check out more of Mo Vibez’ beats on SoundCloud and FaceBook.


By: Brennen Leon





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