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“Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing”

Mute Records 2016

Love under heaven AKA LUH.

Artists Ellery James Roberts and Ebony Hoorn, met in Manchester in 2013. They returned to Ellery’s home country of Amsterdam to begin making music.

The band is unique; they feature a soundscape that finds me yearning for more music. On the cusp of breaking out right now, they found their sound and it’s swooning. Ellery’s voice hit’s you in the Jaw. The texture of the music is relatively simple but simple can be complex. It’s layered as follows, drum beat, synthesizer, loop. The circuit choices are unique, and the drum sounds are unique, I’d imagine they are using a drum machine. It sound’s as if they are singing in a cathedral and the way the sonic waves push off my B&W speakers.

I started on “I&I” and was surprised by how raspy Roberts voice was. It’s cool. It grabs my attention. Does I&I make one or is it more of a Jekyll and Hyde? Roberts and Hoorn are like jazz musicians the way they work in tandem, knowing the proper time to “go in” singing back and forth with intermingling vocals.



I listened to all the way to “Someday Come” and couldn’t help but wonder what this song would sound like with two acoustic guitars and a microphone. Unplugged. They offer a wide variety of feels on this album and but there is so much pain behind Roberts’ voice muffled by upbeat instrumentals that it reminds us about how many deal with grief, a smile, and silence. He doesn’t hold back on this album. As the song begins to simmer down I hear a mellow Jeff Buckley-like Stratocaster. And it makes me wonder, who are these guys?

I love this debut album. It has me excited for their more mature sophomore effort when they’ve grown stronger together as a band. I did notice one potential club banger $ORO; There’s a transcendence at 3:53 minutes in, it turns into like Darkstep house which Roberts probably comes from influences of Amsterdam club life. I’m sharing this with my friends, and I recommend you do too. If you’d like to buy their album, I’ll post a link below.




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