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Summer Salt Going Native 7″

Summer Salt – Going Native

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I was initially attracted to the cover art displayed on the album. It features an OBI looking strip on the side that reads “Summer Salt – Going Native” pressed on transparent green wax. Presentation gets an A+

Now, the music.

I was caught off guard, expecting surf punk/pop vocals but what I received was a little jazzier. The vocals are floaty, and the bass is sweeping and crisp but not overbearing whereas the drums on going native are punchy and sharp. I was impressed with their jazz like candor and infectious yet simplistic lyricism. To describe the band in one word would be minimalism, and it works.

The lyrics are to the point and catchy:

Mother, I haven’t been well/
/Search through my life and I think it’s time for me
/It’s time, it’s time to embrace this part of me

Matt Terry is saying it’s time for him to move on, he is not accepting what is, and he feels like he needs to find new pursuits. He can’t accept the status quo.

I had some questions for the band:

R: What ar some of your influences? What was the production process like? Lastly, What inspired you to make surf pop/bossa nova?

Phil: Our biggest influences are The Beach Boys, Jorge Ben, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and The Shins.

For Driving to Hawaii, we recorded it ourselves digitally, with many layers and overdubs. Going Native was recorded live on tape in a studio. Complete opposite recording processes, but both super fun. We’ve been playing music together awhile, and all adore the surfy bossa nova style. Matt has a great voice, and we love to experiment with different recording vibes. We are working on a new LP, and it will have vibes of live/studio sounds. R: Can’t wait to hear the new LP! Thank you, Phil, for taking the time to talk to Omega Music.

R: Can’t wait to hear the new LP! Thank you, Phil, for taking the time to talk to Omega Music.

It’s evidently clear that this is a band to watch in 2016, keep an eye out for the new LP. Summer Salt = good vibes. With significant influences that are evidently clear in the music. I find their taste in music unique, and their influences clear in the final product. The recording is also superb and well produced. A solid 7″ and available for purchase on Bandcamp, link above. Also available on various streaming platforms. Give the band the ‘good speaker’ treatment because laptop speakers don’t do this justice. Or even better buy the 7″.

Band Members Include:

Matt Terry

Eugene Chung

Phil Baier


  1. Going Native
  2. Manastra
  3. Summer Salt
By: Rob Moran @RobertCMoran_





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