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Current Swell – So I Say

Current Swell



Surf Folk



The artist has many different sounds that they blend together nicely on the album; I call it “Surf Folk” it’s a small brush but finely tuned blend the sounds together in a way that speaks to the listener and takes them from an audience to a fan. The album begins slowly and builds steam, Starting with Harmonica on “Short Stories” and showing us a consistent theme on the album a harmonica and an acoustic guitar. My personal favorite song of the day. ‘Stomach’ is a personal favorite, a chorus belts out “We-hee started talkin’ about the ocean, talkin’ about the waaayves” It’s a song that used to be on my iPod now it’s on my Spotify top 100. The percussion is light but soothing and the lead singers voice The band members consist of four artist Scott Stanton, Dave Lang, Ghosty Boy and Chris Petersen.  Scott Stanton, The lead singer, Has a unique voice that features a certain Canadian yet southern California twang. The band is from Vancouver, I don’t know how the surfing is there but I imagine it’s pretty good. Cold. Point being the band epicenter is focused on the culture and the lifestyle of surfing. They also just released a new single which I will post below called “You got it easy”


Looking forward to seeing this band this summer.

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