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Current Swell – So I Say

Current Swell
Surf Folk
The artist has many different sounds that they blend together nicely on the album; I call it “Surf...

John Martyn – Solid Air

John Martyn – Solid Air
I just picked up the blue label copy of John Martyn’s Solid Air. To my understanding, this is the rarer label of the...

Artist Review: Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote
2014,2015 Sony Entertainment
Pre-Order on Vinyl – Release Date June 9th
Available on Spotify now
Hiatus Kaiyote is breathing new...

OK Tuff Guy!

King Tuff is an interesting project created by Kyle Thomas from the band Witch. He takes a...

A Cure For Pain – Morphine

Morphine – A Cure For Pain

Mark Sandman – 2-string slide bass, vocals, organ, tritar (3-string slide guitar), guitar, piano
Dana Colley –...

The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep
Company Of Thieves
Genevieve Schatz – Vocals
Marc Walloch – Guitar
Chris Faller – Bass
Eitan Bernstein – Keys
Matt Rullo...

I Got da Blues for Wolfman

I Got da’ Blues for Wolfman
Next time you find yourself at a local record store, take a stroll over to the Blues section. Don’t be shy and...