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101 Songs for the Open Road

101 Songs for the Open Road
I recently returned from a trip to California with my youngest (teenage) daughter. We had a great time renting a convertible in Los...

Artist Interview: Notelle

Artist Interview: Notelle

Notelle is an up and coming EDM artist, we recently met at a conference for music business and I asked her if she would do...

The Weekend Mixtape

1 hour of awesome tunes. This is an eclectic mix with tons of throwbacks tossed in.

Have a great rest of your weekend. Let me know what you think of the mix...

OK Tuff Guy!

King Tuff is an interesting project created by Kyle Thomas from the band Witch. He takes a...

A Cure For Pain – Morphine

Morphine – A Cure For Pain

Mark Sandman – 2-string slide bass, vocals, organ, tritar (3-string slide guitar), guitar, piano
Dana Colley –...

The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep
Company Of Thieves
Genevieve Schatz – Vocals
Marc Walloch – Guitar
Chris Faller – Bass
Eitan Bernstein – Keys
Matt Rullo...

Tidal Or Spotify?

Relax waxheads. Your vinyl collection isn’t mobile. You like to listen to your music and take it with you on the go right? Well both of these apps...